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With the world restricted by global lockdowns, we were asked to produce a virtual solution for a renowned global law firm's Partners’ Summit, for 1000 international participants.

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In order to deliver the ultimate Partners’ Summit, we partnered with the virtual event experts at Procreation. Together we created a fully bespoke interactive platform, allowing participants to connect with one another across the globe.

The platform environment was designed to replicate an orbiting space station, enhanced with the company’s branding and key artwork for the event. 

Participants were able to join an abundance of interactive sessions in different virtual environments with presentations from 250+ presenters. 

Elements of gamification were developed to engage participants’ competitive sides, allowing them to explore further zones within the virtual platform.

The client had the option to allocate certain sessions to particular users, as well as offering open access sessions to all.

The platform included an abundant media library with a multitude of exhibition booths for delegates to explore.

For increased personalisation, we also scripted an opening, highlights and closing film. These featured various senior members of the firm, filmed against greenscreens in studio and then edited into short engaging films.

We also offered additional support to participants as a live help desk and developed instructional videos.


Overall we achieved:

78% attendance rate

1269 registered participants

18,860 clicks across the platform

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